Frabill Trophy Haul Power Extend Landing Net w/ Lights | FRBNX18E


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  • Frabill Trophy Haul Power Extend Landing Net
  • Model: FRBNX18E
  • The Power Extend features a revolutionary handled yoke which improves balance and removes stress
  • Great for saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • Integrated push-button release increases handle length out to 72 inches in one swift movement
  • Handle extends to a range of 38-72"
  • Asymmetrical flat-bottomed net is made with conservation material and features a snag-proof fish slide to ensure your catch lands safely and smoothly
  • Hoop size: 18" x 21"
  • Net Depth: 14"
  • With (3) Led Illumination
  • Light module located where the handle meets the net improves visibility to guide movement
  • Yoke Handle at the Net Junction for 2-handed Lifting
  • Reflective hoop allows you to see the net when fishing at night