Hughes Autoformers 50 Amp RV Voltage Booster Regulator w/ Surge Protection

Hughes Autoformers

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  • Hughes Autoformers 50 Amp RV Voltage Booster w/ Surge Protection
  • Model: RV22050-SP
  • “All-in-One” RV Power Solution
  • The legendary, original, and patented RV voltage booster, now with the world’s most advanced surge protection
  • Unit constantly monitors incoming power to protect against spikes or surges
  • As an extra feature the surge / spike protection module is also replaceable
  • In the event of a massive spike, the surge unit will take the hit ensuring your booster and more importantly, your RV is not damaged
  • Automatically starts boosting 10% if the voltage drops to 113 or below
  • It will boost 10% until the voltage gets to 90 volts which is the minimum amount of volts for the unit
  • Specifications:
    • 50 Amp – 12,000 Watts capacity
    • Fully automatic 10% boost when needed
    • Complete LED Park Power Diagnostics
    • Boost indicator light
    • 4800 Joules of Advanced Surge Protection Built-in
    • Replaceable Surge Protection Module
    • Voltage Booster & Surge Protection all in one!
    • Comes with free cable lock to help prevent theft
    • Size: 12”H x 8 ½“ W x 5½” D
    • Cord length – 4 1/2 feet (approx. 54″) long
    • Heavy Duty 6/3 gauge copper wire
    • Weight: 35 Lbs.
  • Note: 
    • Not compatible park poles with GFCI outlets 
    • it is compatible with adapter, “dog bone” cables