Knipex 72 01 140 and 72 01 180 Flush Cutter Set in a Pouch (2 Pieces) New


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Knipex 2-Piece Flush Cutter Set in a Pouch 72 01 140 and 72 01 180
Model: 9K 00 80 90 US
The KNIPEX Flush Cutter Set is a versatile and high-quality tool designed for precision cutting of soft materials. With its sharp blades, it provides clean and accurate cuts, making it an essential tool for any tool box
Provides a fully flush cut when cutting tie-wraps, plastic and soft metals
For nearly flush cutting of molded plastic components from sprues
Includes opening spring for easy repetitive work
Set includes two (2) Diagonal Pliers for Flush Cutting Plastics: 72 01 140 (5 1/2") and 72 01 180 (7 1/4")

Country of Origin: Germany
Width: 3 5/8"
Weight: 0.741 lbs.
1000 Volt Insulated: No
Material Type: Vanadium electric steel, forged, oil-hardened
Handle Type: Plastic coating
Surface Finish: Polished
Other Surface Finish: Black atramentized
Joint Type: Rivet
Cutting Edge Shape: Without bevel
Reach: does not contain SVHC
RoHS: not applicable