Knipex 986202 8 3/4" Flat Nose Plastic Pliers-1000V Insulated Class C


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Knipex 8 3/4" Flat Nose Plastic Pliers-1000V Insulated
Model: 98 62 02
For meter assembly and meter blocking
Constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic
Fully insulated to reduce risk of short circuit
Handles have a soft plastic for a better grip
Excellent for use in chemically aggressive environments
Class C; range of use up to -40°C/-40°F

Country of Origin: Germany
Length: 8 3/4"
Width: 2 3/8"
Height: 1 1/8"
Weight: 0.315 lbs.
1000 Volt Insulated: Yes
Material Type:  Fiberglass reinforced plastic
Other Material Type: Handles with soft plastic zone for better grip
Handle Type: 1000V Insulated
Jaw Type: Half-round
Reach: Does not contain SVHC
RoHS: Not Applicable