Odie's Oil 9oz. Jar The Universal Finish and Polish Protects and Beautifies

Odie's Oil

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Odie’s Oil Universal (9oz. jar)
Brand: Odie's Oil
Color: Brown
Provides Protection and Beauty
For All Surfaces 
Protection in One Layer 
Brilliant Color
For Indoor and Outdoor Use
For All Types of Wood (Domestic/exotic), Furniture, Floors, Shutters, Ships, Kitchen Tools
Up to 20 Times the Coverage as Conventional Finishes

9 oz & 32 oz reusable glass jars

Approximately 21-25+ Sq. Ft per oz on typical domestic hardwoods (ie:cherry, walnut, maple,
Approximately 14-18+ Sq. Ft per oz on softwoods (ie:cedar, pine, fir)
Up to 35-50+ Sq. Ft per oz on dense exotic hardwoods (ie:rosewood, purple heart, brazilian
walnut, jatoba)
Anywhere from 50-100 Sq. Ft per oz on concrete depending on level of polish.
Approximately 35-50 Sq. Ft per oz on metal depending on surface texture.
Approximately 35+ Sq. Ft per oz on epoxy