Odie's Wood Butter Protects and Beautifies All Surfaces 9 oz. Jar Capacity New

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Odie's Wood Butter for Fast Curing and High Sheen - 9 oz. Jar Capacity
Model: OWB9OZ
Provides Protection and Beauty
For Fast Curing and High Sheen
Shiny Bright Color
For Indoor and Outdoor Use
For All Types of Wood (Domestic/exotic), Furniture, Floors, Shutters, Ships, Kitchen Tools
Compatible with All Odie’s Products, Usable as Wax
Specially Formulated High Concentrate
Stabilizes Wet Wood
Up to 20 Times the Coverage as Conventional Finishes
Easy to Use
Apply, Then Wipe

9 oz reusable glass jar

Approximately 60-70+ Sq. Ft per oz on typical domestic hardwoods (ie: cherry, walnut, maple, oak)
Approximately 40-50 + Sq. Ft per oz on softwoods (ie:cedar, pine, fir)
Up to 80-100+ Sq. Ft per oz on dense exotic hardwoods (ie:rosewood, purple heart, brazilian
walnut, jatoba)
Approximately 80-100 Sq. Ft per oz on metal depending on surface texture.
Approximately 80+ Sq. Ft on epoxy