Omega Linkr Vehicle Smartphone Control w/ Remote Start & GPS Tracking System


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  • Omega Linkr Smartphone Control Remote Start & Vehicle Tracking System
  • Model: LINKR-LT2
  • Linkr is an innnovative smartphone interface platform that allows you to control your vehicle, locate it via GPS, receive alarm alerts and more
  • Compatible App Available on IOS and Android – Search for ‘LINKR-LT’
  • Control Vehicle With Amazon Alexa Voice Commands
  • Control Multiple LINKRLT2 Devices From One App
  • Share Access With Friends, Family or Coworkers
  • Range Limited by Only by Cell Service Access – Almost Unlimited Range!
  • Control & Confirm Lock, Unlock, Start, Stop, Trunk, & Aux Functions
  • View the Vehicle’s Current Location
  • Displays Remote Start Remaining Run Time
  • Run Time Extender Feature
  • Shows Door Locked/unlocked Status
  • Displays Vehicle Voltage & Linkr Network Connection
  • Dedicated Data Port for Any 70 Series Excalibur System (V1.4 Firmware or Higher)
  • Direct Plug-in to Omegalink Rs Kits
  • Supports Idatalink, Posse, Fortin, & Dbi/smartstart Protocol
  • Install as Stand Alone Tracker (Only Gps Instant Locate & Alarm Alert Is Available)
  • Choose Custom Images & Names for Each Device
  • Setup & Test Directly From App – No Pc Needed!
  • Alarm Trigger Alert
  • (1) Input Trigger – Alarm Alert
  • Includes the 1st Year of Service ($39 Usd for the Following Year)
  • Works in the Usa, Puerto Rico, and Canada