Steambow 0000419 55 lbs. Draw Weight 165 FPS Limb for AR-6 Stinger II


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Steambow Black AR-6 Stinger II Tactical Limb
Model: 0000419
Drawing weight: 55 Lbs
Material: Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber
Speed: 165 FPS, 50 M/S
Kinetic Energy: 10.5 Ft-Lbs
IN J: 14 J

IMPORTANT: Using arrows lighter than 178 grains with the 120 and 150 lbs limb can lead to damages to the limb tips, limb or the crossbow itself. The 90 lbs limb should only be used with arrows weighing 155 grains or more.

ATTENTION: Not every combination of limb, stinger model and arrows is reasonable! 120 and 150 lbs limbs require the use of the heavy variants of our carbon arrows. The 90 lbs limb can be used with the aluminum Bodkin and Broadhead arrows as well as the heavy variants of our carbon arrows.
Please note that a limb ≥ 90 lbs will result in higher wear on the string and end caps even when used as intended.
In addition, a limb ≥ 90 lbs is unsuitable for the AR-6 Stinger II Compact, as the necessary force for cocking must be applied directly and this limb is therefore generally too strong.
The limbs of the AR-6 Stinger II do not fit the previous versions of the AR-6 Stinger I.

NOTE: The draw weight is not a sufficient indicator of the performance of the bow of a crossbow!

1 limb
1 black/orange string (grey heavy-duty string for 120 and 150 lbs)
2 polymer limb tips (aluminum for 120 and 150 lbs)
1 stringing aid